ODTUG KScope14 Editor’s Choice Award Winner – NoSQL and Big Data for the Oracle Professional

The ODTUG Technical Journal Corner currently spotlights our 2014 Editor’s Choice Award winning article NoSQL and Big Data for the Oracle Professional by Iggy Fernandez.

Find it odd that the ODTUG Editor’s Choice Award Winner focuses on NoSQL?  Not really – NoSQL and relational database can coexist. If you haven’t paid attention to NoSQL yet, this article is an excellent read to learn how NoSQL and the relational model can actually complement each other. In Iggy’s words:

“…I claim that the NoSQL camp derides the relational model because it does not sufficiently understand it. I will go so far as to claim that the NoSQL camp does not fully understand its own innovations; it believes they are incompatible with the relational model and it therefore does not see the opportunity to strengthen the relational model, …”

Strong words? Iggy fully makes his case – he thoroughly supports this assertion in one of the best NoSQL vs Relation Database articles I have seen.   

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