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APEX 5.1 Interactive Grid: What the Interactive Grid Means to You and your End Users

APEX Interactive Grid replaces Tabular Forms and eventually Interactive Reports. Learn I-Grid basics, how to upgrade, how to customize and access data w JavaScript.

APEX 5 Interactive GridDownload here: APEX Interactive Grid: What it Means for You and End Users


APEX 5 Interactive Reports – New Features and Upgrade Cheat Sheet

Updated for the APEX 5 release, these links contain the presentations from KScope 15, and white paper as published in RMOUG’s technical magazine.

APEX 5 (Released) Interactive Report Deep Dive, KScope 2015 Presentation

APEX 5 Interactive Reports Part I: New Features and Enhancements

APEX 5 Interactive Reports Part II: Structural CSS and JS Widget Code Changes

APEX 5 Interactive Reports – New Features and Upgrade Cheat Sheet

We got a first glimpse at KScope14 on APEX  Early Adopter 2, now we have a better feel for the new and improved APEX 5 Interactive Reports with APEX 5 Early Adopter 3.

APEX5 Interactive Reports: New Features and Upgrade Cheat Sheet Paper

APEX5 Interactive Reports New Features and Upgrade Cheat Sheet – Presentation RMOUG 2015

Migrating Critical Business Application to APEX – Successfully

I had a blast at COLLABORATE14 in Las Vegas, NV, April 6-11,2014.  I had a chance to catch up on Oracle 12c skills, learn ore about ADF Mobile with APEX for hybrid mobile applications, XQuery and XML DB and of course refresh friendships with all those at IOUG.  My Friday presentation was on Migrating Critical Business Applications to APEX, covering tips and tools for migrating any legacy app to APEX.

Migrate Business Applications to APEX, Successfully – Presentation 

APEX Data Load Options:

How Do I Load Data, Let Me Count the Ways …

There re many many way to laod data into an Oracle application. This presentation discusses data load methods specific to APEX – the data load wizard, external files, custom methods and using the APEX Listener for a true MS Excel file upload. Practical what works, what doesn’t information that will help you decide the best approach for your data loading problems.

APEX Data Loading Options

Meaningful Maps, Gantts and Charts

APEX 4.0 introduces improved charts and maps, but how to make sense ofthem? This presentation covers all the basics for understanding APEX 4.0 Charts, Maps and Gantt Charts.  Plenty of information to get you using meaningful charts and maps in your applications as a matter of course.

Meaningful Maps, Gantts and Charts

Tight Tabular Forms

APEX tabular forms are handy, but kind of loose, if you use them out of the box. This presentation covers the improvements in APEX 4.0 for tabular form validations, plus some tips on adding validations using the APEX_APPLICATION arrays, and building manual tabular forms using the APEX_ITEM API.

Tight Tabular Forms

Migrate BI to APEX: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Lessons Learned Along the Way

This presentation covers a real migration from a major-vendor BI tool to APEX Interactive Reports for end-user  information needs. Covers feature considerations such as drills, pivots, output; dynamic crosstab options and construction, including use of 11g PIVOT and AMIS PIVOT object type solution.  Careful crosstab query construction makes APEX Interactive Reports more powerful than one may think. APEX 4.0 new features address the needs for user-defined grouping,  shared reports, scheduled report delivery, multiple views of the same data set and improved charting.  Check it out!

Migrate BI to APEX – What Works, What Doesn’t, and LEssons Learned ALong the Way

Oracle Application Express: Tactics to Tackle APEX Bugs

Know your application, know your tools, have a plan, and always remember that you know some stuff. You can debug Application Express apps and stay sane.

Tactics to Tackle_APEX Bugs,  Paper

Tactics to Tackle_APEX Bugs, Powerpoint

You may also download this presentation from the Integra Technology website, at http://www.integratc.com/whitepapers.asp

though the latest copies will always be here.

Oracle Application Express Interactive Reports: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I had fun writing this paper, mainly because the movie ( old western, Clint, of course) theme song played in my head.

Oracle APEX Interactive Reports have many Good points, but one-size does not fit al, so we developers still have some cleverness to apply to meet end user requirements in all cases. This paper outlines the Good, the Bad, the limitations, and shows some easy CSS edits to address the Ugly, the default appearance. Have fun!

(As with all my papers, I will keep this post up to date with the latest version of the paper.)

APEX Interactive Reports: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

You may also download this paper from the Integra Technology website, at http://www.integratc.com/whitepapers.asp

~ Keeping it Fresh: Cost-Effective Training

Layoffs, economizing, more for less, and oh-by-the-way keep up with the latest in Web development, languages, data modeling, coding techniques, testing, quality, the latest App Servers and find time to relax a bit and network with your peers. The temptation is to postpone or skip all training. I suggest however that this is the time we need training all the more. I maintain the most cost-effective training can be found at our user group conferences.


APEX Interactive Reports: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly May 6, 4:30-5:30pm

Note updated time! End your day with a fun APEX IR session

APEX Interactive Reports offer amazing functionality out-of-the box, but this wealth of features comes with limitations. This session presents the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of APEX IR, then details and demonstrates workarounds to address the Bad (the limitations) and the Ugly (the appearance). Learn how to limit Search and Activity features for different user roles, how to eliminate part or all of the Search and Activity Bars and how to customize the look-and-feel to fit your corporate template.

ODTUG Kaleidoscope

June 21-25, Monterey, CA

See http://www.odtugkaleidoscope.com for more information, and to register. Kaleidoscope is the best conference for Developers focused on Oracle tools, all products.

Tactics to Tackle APEX Bugs (June 25, 10:30AM-12:00 Noon)

APEX development is a breeze, until something goes wrong and there’s no obvious clue of what happened or how to fix it, and there’s no UNDO. Or is there? This session presents tactics to tackle common APEX problems such as MRU internal error, Browser errors, SQL and PL/SQL issues, HTML, and JavaScript problems. We cover triage, debug tool options, and debug tactics, and then demonstrate applying those strategies to tackle common APEX problems.

See you there!

~ Oracle Application Express

I have been fortunate to have clients that allow me to work with Oracle Application Express. Fortunate for them, because the tool enables me to produce production applications faster and lighter-weight (pure HTML, no download, less system-administrative overhead, less IT maintenance). fortunate for me, because I enjoy working with the tool.

In general, I enjoy learning; I enjoy the challenge of a new puzzle, of a new tool to learn the ropes of. I believe APEX is one of those tools where one can do just about whatever one needs with it, by getting a bit clever in telling APEX how to produce a page. The cleverness comes in designing the overall applicaiton flow, in designing the APEX page flow, in figuring which components ot use where, and in figuring how best to implement business rules. Yes, in general this is the challenge with any web application written in any tool. with APEX, it’s just a bit more fun.

Watch this page form upcoming articles … The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Interactive Reports, and time allowing a lessons-learned on APEX Forms Conversion. This conversion process will be helpful for those patient enough to get into the process and complete the adjustments to transform Forms components to equivalent APEX components.

APEX Cheat Sheet

When starting out with Application Express, it can be a bit confusing in terms of what syntax to use where, how to effect the item alignment needed, how to customize the look-and-feel… in general, how to get productive. Tha APEX Cheat Sheet paper is a collection of tips, how-to’s, syntax conventions and tricks to accelerate a developer’s APEX learning curve. The APEX Cheat Sheet paper has grown to be much longer than a “cheat sheet” but it does provide a solid quick-start to APEX development.

Download the APEX Cheat Sheet paper from here: APEX Cheat Sheet

APEX Under the Covers

In working with Oracle Application Express I have found the best way to learn “how they did that” is to look “under the covers” at the APEX code … The way to do that is to download an application, install it in my builder, and view how the author implemented the features of interest.

The white paper and presentation APEX Under the Covers walks the reader / viewer through the learning process of looking under the covers at some not-so-standard features implemented in APEX. The examples are not rocket science; they are intended only to get the brain thinking along lines where the reader may not yet have ventured, suggesting a few different approaches to achieving an end within APEX.

Download the APEX Under the Covers paper from here: APEX Under the Covers

APEX Debug Options

Debugging Oracle Application Express can be a conundrum.

It’s PL/SQL, but I cannot see it, and I cannot step through it. PL/SQL generates the page, but I do not have access to the APEX page generator. Where to start?

The truth is there are many avenues for debugging APEX, some APEX-supplied, some external to APEX.

The paper and presentation APEX Debug Options describes both APEX-supplied utilities and tools external to APEX for debugging APEX applications.

Download the APEX Debug Options paper here: APEX Debug Options


Download the Tactics to Tackle APEX Bugs Powerpoint from here: Tactics to Tackle APEX Bugs

Download the APEX Interactive Reports: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly paper from here: APEX Interactive Reports: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Download the APEX Debug Options paper from here: APEX Debug Options

Download the APEX Under the Covers paper from here: APEX Under the Covers

Download the APEX Cheat Sheet paper from here: APEX Cheat Sheet

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