Vote for the ODTUG Board

Vote for the ODTUG BoardI seek your vote for the ODTUG Board of Directors so I may actively establish and maintain ODTUG as the center of excellence for Oracle developers. After years of work behinds the scenes, I wish to take a more active role in steering ODTUG forward.

Through 30+ years of development experience,working with persons at all levels –  CEO/CIO/CTO, analysts, architects, developer, end users ,trainers – and performing these tasks myself, I have gained:

  • Insight on developer needs and challenges gained via hands-on experience across large and small companies, government and private, large to single-person development teams.
  • Insight on user group operations gained through 11 yrs volunteering at local, regional and national user groups as reviewer, monitor, conference committee member, presenter, attendee and editor. As a board member I will have greater ability to solicit more content in more diverse formats.
  • Eye for timely, quality material on the latest Oracle tools, gained through 8 yrs as Editor, for IOUG and ODTUG
  • Quiet steadfast persistence to get tasks done, even the less glorious ones.

How we developers work and learn has evolved – open source, mobile, cloud, node, JET are now mandatory knowledge.  ODTUG is how and where we thrive – where many of us first learn about new technologies or new applications of them. ODTUG needs to lead members into evolving technologies and best practices by delivering more accessible learning, sharing and networking opportunities.

To achieve improved access and quality of learning opportunities we need to improve accessibility and improve participation:  Let’s create more local events for members to attend, contribute and promote ODTUG, year round, not just at KScope. We need to:

  • Reach more members in more countries through meetups and partnerships with local Oracle and related-technology groups
  • Deliver new-era technical materials by actively soliciting and delivering content from our members via social media, webinars, video, and regional conferences
  • Expand our ODTUG Communities to focus on trends in emerging tools and best practices

We do some of these now – but let’s increase participation – we need to get the word out to non-members to get them to join, and invite all to volunteer in any capacity, large or small.

I was honored as ODTUG Volunteer of the Year in 2012, and have served ODTUG in many capacities in the past 10 years:

  • Editor of the Technical Journal – 8 yrs
  • Leadership Program presenter
  • Established the Innovation Award in 2016
  • Member of 9 Editor’s Choice Award teams
  • Conference material reviewer

I am an Oracle ACE Associate, was a 2016  Oracle Developer’s Choice Award finalist.

I originally joined ODTUG to learn. I originally volunteered to give back. I ask for your vote for the ODTUG Board of Directors to ensure that the ODTUG flow of knowledge continues.