2015 ODTUG Editor’s Choice Award Winner

Congratulations to Peter Koletzke, the 2015  ODTUG Editor’s Choice Award Winner, for his paper Going Mobile: Mobile Application Design Principles for ADF Development.

Peter is a annual contributor for the ODTUG Editor’s Choice Award, the ODTUG Technical Journal and ODTUG in general. I personally have learned a lot about technical writing and editing from Peter – and as excellent his papers are, he is always looking for improvements. Besides excellent writing, Peter includes hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts.

I would also like to officially thank the 2015 Editor’s Choice Review Team:

  • Opal Alapat
  • Galo Balda-Andrade
  • Danny Bryant
  • Patrick Cimolini
  • Krishna Marur
  • Tim German
  • John King
  • Peter Koletzke
  • Deanna Sunde
  • David Schleis (Extra thanks to David for the T-shirt design!)
  • Donna Richey Winkelman

These unsung heroes – all volunteers –  read and scope all Editor’s Choice submissions – a neat preview of our Kscope conference materials.

Our plan is to publish all 2015 Editor’s Choice submissions in upcoming ODTUG Technical Journal Corner postings. Stay tuned!

Happy Coding,


Thank you to all – Congratulations to Peter – and I look forward to all ODTUG Technical Journals submissions in the coming year.

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