One more time: Do we still need Data Modeling?

Yes, we need still need to do data modeling, and yes, data modeling is a skill that developers need to learn and practice.

Kent’s points are important:
— To get business value out of the data, you need to understand the data
— Even if you don’t need a model to store the data, you DO need a model to understand the data and use it properly
— Know your data!

I see fewer and fewer data modeling session at conferences these days – dull and boring perhaps, but essential for efficient development and data retrieval based on your data.  I see data modeling as a fundamental skill for all IT professionals – at least those working with databases.

3 thoughts on “One more time: Do we still need Data Modeling?

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  2. Is there a better application for modelling? SQL Modeller feels antiquated when compared to something like MySQL Workbench (obviously can’t use that for Oracle DB). I’ve tried Toad Modeller which is very similar to SQL Modeller.

    • Hello William, SQL Developer Data Modeler should of the trick for you. Depending on the extent of data modeling – what diagrams, where you are starting form, types of models and notations – there can be a bit of a learning curve. There are plenty of blogs out there to help you. I cannot comment on comparison to MySQL Workbench, as I have never used that. Good luck to you!

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