VOTE in the ODTUG Board Election ~ Your Vote Matters

The ODTUG Board elections open shortly – I encourage everyone to VOTE – because how you vote, or not, determines the future of ODTUG.

VOTE for ODTUG Board

To vote, you must be a paid ODTUG member by September 30th. Simple. Not a paid member yet? Simply sign up here as an individual or corporate member:

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Two Elected, One Appointed, 3-Year Terms. This is the first year our elections are completely on the new mode of elections: Top two candidates are elected to the Board, one person is appointed by the sitting Board, all to three-year terms. Board members are elected as Directors, not to any specific office. In the January meeting of the Board, the sitting Board elects officers for the year, based on experience and nominations from the Board itself.

Why did we make the change from two-year terms to three-year terms? We were losing too much knowledge in one year – half the Board was new in any given year. That made it impossible to work on longer-term strategic objectives, or anything that went beyond one year. Accounting, volunteer strategy, conference initiatives, and even webinars and meetups – the history was lost every year. By moving to staggered 3-year terms, there is less annual rollover, less knowledge lost, more knowledge carried on to the incoming Board members. This was not done lightly. The term max is still six years – two three-year terms instead of 3 two-year terms.

Why did we go to one appointed Board member? To ensure adequate coverage of all communities and all skill sets. Fact: Our voting membership is a small percentage of our membership. Fact: There is nothing that guarantees we have a Board member from each community, nor a Board member capable of being Treasurer, or Secretary, or one who is savvy with contracts

Allowing one Board member chosen by the sitting Board means we can back-fill to cover communities and skill sets. Two are elected, one is appointed – the control is still in the hands of voting members. Again, this was not done lightly.

Voting Members – Are You a Voting Member? – As I mentioned, this is a traditionally small percentage of our paid members. Why? Exercise your right to vote. When too few people vote, it is easy to skew an election toward a candidate whose company has a corporate membership, for example. Or skew to a candidate who is popular on social media, but perhaps not the best qualified otherwise. To prevent this – simple: VOTE. When you get that email, take a few minutes, read the candidates campaign statements, and VOTE. Take part in shaping ODTUG’s future.

Who YOU elect determines the future of ODTUG. Oracle User Groups – let’s face it ALL user groups – took a hit during COVID: budget, volunteers, connections and energy. The task at hand is to re-energize the Oracle technology community, to re-energize volunteers – ODTUG is a volunteer organization – and to continue provide quality educational events in whatever form they need to be. All this takes volunteers and planning and strategy. Your elected Board members drive this effort.

Bacon is Back for Kscope23! ODTUG KScope22 was a building conference – the first major Oracle developer conference post-COVID. We proved that the Kscope vibe is still alive – and that conference attendees want their hot breakfast and lunches. Rest assured we heard you, and agree, and barring any need for social distancing and grab-and-go meals – the reason for grab-and-go meals at Kscope 22- Bacon is Back for Kscope23! Watch for more information on ODTUG Kscope23, including abstract submissions opening on October 4th.

As an active ODTUG volunteer since 2004 I have seen a lot of ODTUG through the years, yet the core purpose remains the same – provide networking and quality, relevant knowledge to the Oracle community.

How people learn has changed. How people interact has changed. How people value education has changed, and what forms of education the prefer. Oracle technology has changed. Our careers have changed. ODTUG has adapted to meet new technologies and learning modes and must continue to do so. Who are the best candidates to carry us forward? You decide – VOTE for the ODTUG Board.

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